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Blackgate Developer Has A New Title, Will Drop This Holiday

Looks like they're sneaking in another game for the holiday season. Wonder what it is?

Armature Studios, the team that is bringing you the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate for the PlayStation Vita, has another title set to launch very soon.

As they revealed at their Twitter page , it's a "non-Arkham" game and it can be added to your holiday wish list:

"Guess what? We have a non-Arkham game coming out this Christmas! Have a great weekend!"

We know it has nothing to do with a high-def port of a God of War entry for the Vita, and it's "not a phone game." The latter clarification is a relief because far too often these days, we see really talented developers wasting their talents with those psuedo-games for the mainstream mobile crowd. Okay, so maybe that's just how I see it, but it's hard to envision a hardcore gamer opting for anything on a freakin' smartphone rather than something like Blackgate . That makes zero sense to me, ya know?

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10 years ago

i cudn't agree more ben i wud rather play something like black gate that angry birds but thats just me cos i core gamer and i don't like much else than wat i call "proper games" portable(most not all sry)/console/pc games

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

Batman's gay

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