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Valhalla Knights 3 Goes A-Questing On PS Vita In October

If you're up for a deep, action-packed RPG for the PlayStation Vita, pay attention.

XSEED Games has announced that Valhalla Knights 3 will release in North America exclusively for Sony's portable in October. They also outlined the seven playable races with which we can experiment.

This is actually the fourth Valhalla Knights title published by XSEED Games, and it features multiplayer-based combat and a robust character creation mechanic. The NA version will also feature a Wi-Fi online option, which will be available in addition to the local ad hoc option. Each of the aforementioned seven races are quite distinct, and you'll also be able to select from 20 job classes (such as Fighter, Mage, Thief, Archer, Priest, Prisoner, etc.). You can go questing with a custom party or you can strike out on your own; it's entirely up to you. Me, I'm the lone wolf type.

The playable races are: Humans, which are "emotionally unstable" but they also boast determination and adaptability and are considered generalists rather than specialists; Elves, which are good with magic and are physically fit; Halflings, which are small but specialize in theft and stealth; Dwarves, which are industrious and powerful; Beasts, which are all about up-close-and-personal combat, Nightmares, which can't deal with physical pain but have "phenomenal spell-casting talents;" and Machines, which are clumsy and awkward, but can absorb damage like nobody's business.

Which will you choose?