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Disgaea 4 Return, Criminal Girls Invitation Coming To Vita

Always good to hear about a couple new JRPGs for the PlayStation Vita.

Well, one of them is a classic strategy/RPG while we're assuming the other is a JRPG. According to Siliconera , both Disgaea 4 Return and a game with the working title of "Criminal Girls Invitation" are coming to Sony's portable. The new Disgaea will be out January 2014 in Japan, while the strangely titled game is set for winter.

Disgaea 4 Return is apparently a port of Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten , which is great news 'cuz that game was fantastic . If you want to take amazing strat/RPG action on the go, you're gonna want that one. Unfortunately, there's no word yet on whether or not it'll come to North American or European Vitas. As for "Criminal Girls Invitation," we have no idea what that could be…any ideas?

The bottom line is that the more titles the Vita has, the better off it'll be.

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10 years ago

I'd like it if they made an original title instead of porting the PS3 version.

10 years ago

YES! Even though I already have the PS3 version of Disgaea 4, I've only played it for maybe 90 minutes. I actually regret buying it, because Real Lifeâ„¢ has made it impossible for me to sink the necessary time into that game. BUt a VIta version is right on the money! That WILL be bought when I get a Vita (assuming there's a western release that is, and there really shouldn't be any reason why there shouldn't be one).

I guess I'll skip D2 and hope for the eventual Vita port as well. I can wait.

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