Even though it probably won't be anything like the console game, it still might be a sweet addition to the PlayStation Vita's library. We can hope.

According to Famitsu (as cited by Siliconera ), Sony's portable will see a spin-off of Capcom's well-received Dragon's Dogma . It's called Dragon's Dogma Quest and strangely enough, it'll be a 2D, free-to-play, online-only RPG. No word on if it's coming to the US.

They're calling it "a fast-paced RPG you can play on the go," and there will be over 150 jobs available. The player presides over fights, issuing commands, etc, which means there's more of a focus on strategy rather than action. Still, the developers hope to "capture the spirit" of the original game. Players will also explore dungeons, towns and villages, and there will be plenty of side-quests, too. If you team up with a friend, you will have a party of eight, because each of you will be outfitted with four pawns. That's quite the party there.

Lastly, Famtisu does confirm that although it's free-to-play, the game will also have a billing model. Pay a little and speed up the process of advancing, you know?