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Rayman Legends Hits Vita In September

Ooh, another Rayman !

Ubisoft has announced that Rayman Legends is headed to the PlayStation Vita. It will be released alongside the console versions in North America on September 3.

The portable iteration features all the original content as well as five exclusive maps that are playable with Murphy, the odd green bottle fly you've seen in previous Rayman adventures. He'll be controlled with the rear touch pad, though, so that could be somewhat challenging… There will be a Wi-Fi multiplayer mode as well, so players can compete against one another in various online challenges and compare rankings. Lastly, two exclusive costumes created by the Ubisoft Montpelier team will be available: A Prince of Persia and a Splinter Cell costume. Slick!

Don't forget that Rayman Origins remains our highest-rated Vita game currently available. There's a reason for that.

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10 years ago

a match made in heaven!
perfect game for the vita!
though this highlights the vitas problem.
VERY few games, and 99% of them are also available on pretty much every device out there.
hardly what you would call a system seller!

on the other hand, gotta love it how ubisoft managed to create a ps3, 360, AND vita version, within the time it took them to fix the bugs and polish the wiiu version.
they said it was pushed from feb to sept because the games not ready, but in that same time they managed to create 3 other versions?
ubisoft, do yourselves a favor, dont treat your fans like they were born yesterday!
just come out and say the truth, we delayed the game 7 months so we can release it on other systems, and dont want to release it first for wiiu.
funny how the wiiu had 2 big third party publishers supporting them at launch, and now have both spat the dummy at them.
ubisoft was praising the wiiu as the second coming at E3 last year, now, well, yeah…..
same goes for EA.

10 years ago

Great news! Rayman Origins is one of the best games I've played on Vita. I have it on my PS3 as well, but it's just more fun on the Vita.

I'll get this for sure. I hope more dev's start making games for Vita, Vita is starving for games right now. I'd be thrilled with a Gravity Rush sequel, that's my favourite Vita game to date.

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