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Saw Creators To Bring Dying: Sinner Escape To The Vita

If you like creepy, gory, intense experiences, you might want to sign on for a new horror game.

This one is called Dying: Sinner Escape , and it's a new episodic horror series that will release for the PlayStation Vita and iOS systems later this year. This comes from the "Saw" creators, so you probably know what to expect.

In each episode, you will control a group of people trapped in several mysterious rooms that are oddly reminiscent of the nightmares each member of the group suffered. Interestingly enough, everything each character sees is somehow specific to that individual (perhaps personality-wise). Basically, we have to escape these rooms, which definitely reminds us of the "Saw" movies. The game will also "take full control" of the Vita's slick features, like the touchscreen.

Just as a side note, the Saw video games really weren't that bad. They weren't good, either, but if you love horror mixed with puzzle-solving, you should give 'em a try. Or, just wait for Dying: Sinner Escape .

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10 years ago

I think this formula for horror is tired. I love horror and we need some fresh ideas.

Tim Speed24
Tim Speed24
10 years ago

Yes we do…..

10 years ago

Yeah, it's not even proper horror in my book. It's really just torture porn.

That being said, I'm holding out hope for this game. If the puzzles/gameplay hold up and it is genuinely scary it should be a good episodic game for the Vita…

10 years ago

ooooooooooo, count me in!
more scares and horrors though, saw 1 was such a brilliant conceptual idea!
just a brilliantly thought out story!
than it turned into nothing but torture porn.
less hostel, and more of a scary thriller vibe.

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