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Slant Six Apparently Worked On A Medal Of Honor For Vita

In all honesty, I can't say I'm especially disappointed.

According to an interesting Superannuation Tweet , it seems developer Slant Six was working on a Medal of Honor installment for the PlayStation Vita.

The source cites a Slant Six developer who included concept art for the unannounced MoH handheld title in his online portfolio. His LinkedIn profile says he worked at the Vancouver studio between 2006 and 2009. Slant Six is well known for their solid SOCOM games but they also produced the stinker that was Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City . Besides, after the disappointing Medal of Honor: Warfighter , maybe EA was right in putting the franchise on temporary hiatus.

And really, I'm not sure this is the kind of game the Vita needs right now. We've got Killzone: Mercenary coming, after all. How's about a few big RPGs…? The PSP had lots of great ones.

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11 years ago

And nothing of value was lost…

Mr Bubbles IGR
Mr Bubbles IGR
11 years ago

"Slant Six is well known for their solid SOCOM games…"

Really? How is a broken game when it first released a "solid" game? Have you consistently played socom confrontation? That is their only iteration into the franchise that is confrontation.

Shooting around corners is broken, grenade throwing is broken, shooting over rails is basically impossible. Not to mention that they weren't that supportive of the game after its release except 1 map pack called cold front. They basically allowed glitching and codes to run rampant.

The developer also catered to the non-competitive gamers in the sense that any bomb plants do not count towards the end of the game outcome so if one team got 4 bomb plants in a ranked game and the other team had 0 bomb plants, then the team with 0 could have the opportunity to win which is stupid, takes the whole meaning/point away from game mode demolition.

Enough venting LOL, I was just shocked that you called their iteration of socom confrontation a solid game.

Last edited by Mr Bubbles IGR on 5/21/2013 2:21:21 PM

11 years ago

Eh, these games are all the same, nobody woulda known the difference.

11 years ago

Oh hell no, as if pooping on SOCOM and Resident Evil wasn't enough.

11 years ago

could of been interesting i guess.
its a shame what happened to slant six, sure they dont have the greatest record out there but when they do get it right they create a hit!
plus im more inclined to blame crapcom for operation raccoon city more than slant six, after all crapcom does not exactly have a high success rate with third party developers.
look what they did to one of the best studios out there, GRIN!
yea, well they aint coming back anytime soon.
nor is bionic commando………

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