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New Killzone: Mercenary Trailer Arrives

Okay, so it holds the same launch date as Grand Theft Auto V . That just means you can pick up an one amazing game for your PlayStation 3, and one amazing game for your Vita on September 17. Win win!

Of course, we're just assuming that Killzone: Mercenary will be an elite portable title. It certainly seems like it has a ton of promise, and the acclaimed franchise is an important one for Sony. One could argue it's critical for the Vita.

Here's a new trailer to keep your excitement high. Four months may feel like a long time, but it'll go quickly enough. And when launch day arrives, you might just bring home one of the most impressive handheld games ever . This new trailer shows off some stunning visuals, high-impact gameplay, and fantastic-looking environments. This could be precisely what the Vita needs, and maybe Mercenary will be the lead-in to a great autumn for the new portable. Here's hoping!