You know what's cool? An 8-bit block-building game. And I'm not exaggerating in the slightest . Total coolness.

Terraria was originally released in 2011 for the PC by creator/developer Andrew Spinks' Re-logic studio, and the game quickly received widespread acclaim. It went on to garner no less than 2 million fans, and the title hit the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this week.

Now, 505 Games has announced that Terraria will come to the PlayStation Vita this summer. It's in development at Engine Software, and this blend of side-scrolling and action/adventure elements should be perfect for Sony's portable. 505 Games Head of Global Brand Tim Woodley said they're "excited to explore the potential of the multiple input options that the PlayStation Vita affords." And SCEE Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Ahmad chimed in:

"We are tremendously excited about bringing Terraria to PS Vita. It's fantastic news for fans who have been begging for the game to be available on PS Vita and it's fantastic news for us too, we are delighted about the addition to the platform. For us this is a real coup, the opportunity to bring such a loved game to one of our platforms is really exciting. We are also really confident about how much fans are going to love the PS Vita version; the touch screen will ensure a totally unique experience."

So how's about a live action trailer?