Touchy, touchy.

Dead or Alive 5 Plus , a revamped version of last year's popular fighter from Team Ninja, is heading to the PlayStation Vita on March 19.

And in addition to "maximizing the Vita's gorgeous OLED display," triple the amount of frame data, and fantastic cross-device functionality, there will be other new and interesting features, such as the "Touch Fight" mode. This will let players swipe or tap their opponents, thereby causing their fighter to execute a series of strikes. It's done from a first-person perspective as players can hold the Vita horizontally for a full widescreen view of the arena, or vertically to get all close up and personal. You can even fire off a Critical Burst by landing a 5-hit combo, and characters will react "based on where they are touched or attacked."

There's a full range of fighting mechanics with Touch Fight. You can pinch to hold your opponent, and there's also guarding as well. If you need help mastering the new techniques available, you can check out the new training modes: There's Free Training, which is exactly what it sounds like (train however you wish) or there's Command Training, which forces you to master one move before moving on to the next.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? For more, feel free to read our recent preview .

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