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The Love-Struck Skeleton, Dokuro, Hits The Vita In October

Yes, it's bizarre. But it's supposed to be. And you know, it's charming in its own way.

Dokuro is a skeleton on a quest, a quest to save the day! What better quests are there? The good news is that you can bring him to glory on the PlayStation Vita in October.

As summarized over at the PlayStation Blog , this intriguing title featuring a unique chalk-drawn presentation is a blend of platforming and puzzle-solving. Dokuro's boss, the Dark Lord, came back to the castle with a beautiful princess and unfortunately, our brave hero is immediately smitten with the girl. And so what is he to do? Free the princess from the Dark Lord's castle…that means betrayal but hey, it's all in the name of love.

The problem is that this chick isn't very bright. She'll just keep walking, sometimes to her death if you're not careful. You have to steer her away from any number of deadly traps and that could prove problematic. Sounds like a great game to take with you on the go, don't you think?

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11 years ago

another side scrolling puzzle platformer, oh joy!
and no thats not sarcasm, you have no freaking idea how happy i am to see the once popular and great genre finally making a comeback!
nice to see its on the vita, it needs all the games it can get!
but i wish they would do a ps3 version as well, and even have cross play that would be sweet!
just cant help but think the vitas control scheme will hold this back, just like it did escape plan.
decent game seriously hurt by poorly thought out and implemented controls!

Last edited by ___________ on 9/15/2012 5:13:28 AM

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