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Be On The Lookout For LBP Vita Invites

If you're a PlayStation Vita owner and you've always enjoyed Sackboy's adventures, you're probably hoping to land a spot in the public beta.

Information on the LittlebigPlanet Vita beta came earlier this month; all you had to do was fill out a simple form to make your interest known. After that, you needed a little luck.

But if you weren't so lucky and are still hoping to test out one of the Vita's most anticipated titles, start checking your inbox. A happy soon-to-be tester says he was just invited to participate in the beta, which means the second round of invites should be rolling out over the next few days. If you get in, you'll be able to sample several single-player levels, which are likely to be loaded with that patented LBP flair; highly creative, colorful, and inventive. If there's one franchise that excels in such areas, it's right here.

Also, don't forget about LittleBigPlanet Karting , which is slated for later this year. We're guessing if you liked ModNation Racers , you'll love an LBP racing game. Should be even better, too.

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11 years ago

i am disappointed i have not gotten in to this yet. i really hope i get in this time. i look forward to getting this game so much.

11 years ago

I was hoping for one too, probably wont get one though.

11 years ago

god i wish this would come out already!!!!!!!!
the developers have announced NA codes are coming now and extra every day over the next week or so.
as for EU, well, no ETA for that yet.
sigh, figures $ony giving EU the finger YET AGAIN!
that makes it what, the 100 trillionth time by now?
$ony should change their statement from make. believe to $ony, we love our fans.
but only if you live in NA!
and SCEE should change it to, SCEE first in line to take your money, but when it comes to giving you the content you paid for were nowhere to be found!

speaking of the vita resistance reviews have started coming in.
a lousy 5.5 from IGN, and a 4/10 from GR.
well, i wont tell you i told you so!
i knew this was going to suck donkey balls, sometimes i get sick of being right.
oh well, as every day goes past im more and more glad that i sold my vita!
lost so many nights sleep over not being able to play this!
well ill sleep like a baby tonight!
and till the next half decent vita game comes out, which at this rate wont be till next year!

11 years ago

no wireless A/C ?

how very 2011

11 years ago

Ill wait for the bugs to be worked out.Sony takes a while to get things running correctly. A huge backlog will let me wait for a price drop unless its under 399.00 Then Ill buy one if it has a 500 gig hardrive. Ill buy it for shits and grins.

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