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Namco Supports PlayStation Vita With Three Launch Titles

The PlayStation Vita has earned an official North American and European launch date of February 22 and now, Namco Bandai has confirmed their support.

The publisher will give US gamers three new titles when the Vita hits store shelves: Touch My Katamari , Ridge Racer , and Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen . …if you have to ask why the new Katamari installment boasts such a bizarre name, you're not familiar with the franchise.

Said Namco Bandai Games America Vice President of Marketing Carlson Choi:

"We’re pleased today to officially confirm three titles for the PlayStation®Vita system to gamers across North America excited for the launch of this impressive new handheld gaming device. Between the innovative new gameplay features in the irreverent new Touch My Katamari, the blistering speed and online connectivity of the gorgeous new Ridge Racer, and the intense, open-ended, assassin-based action of Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen, NAMCO BANDAI Games will be delivering top-tier content for the launch of the PS®Vita in a very big way."

In Touch My Katamari , fans get an all new feature that allows players to use the rear touch panel of the Vita to stretch the ball horizontally or vertically. They say "more details" will be revealed soon. Ridge Racer uses Vita's Wi-Fi and "near" functionalities, and Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen will let players play as a master assassin. The latter is developed by Acquire Corp., well known for other ninja stealth titles and "countless smash hits."

The more launch titles for Sony's new portable, the better.

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12 years ago

What would a new Sony hardware launch be without Ridge Racer?

Kina surprised that they aren't bringing SCV to the Vita as well – at least not as a launch title.

12 years ago

don't forget Katamari, damn I love those games.

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