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Mortal Kombat Vita Drops On May 1

Who's ready to throw down while on the go?

NetherRealm Studios has gone on record saying that the Vita incarnation of Mortal Kombat will be awfully impressive, in that it really won't be much different from last year's successful and entertaining PS3 reboot .

And now, we've got a finalized release date: According to GameSpot , Mortal Kombat Vita will launch in North America on May 1 and in Europe on May 4. This nails down the vague "Spring 2012" release window, which means that in just about one month's time, fighting fans will be able to sample all of MK's glory along with 150 new Challenge Tower missions. And of course, there's touchscreen functionality as well, which ought to be interesting.

Mortal Kombat sold over 3 million copies and we're hoping the Vita installment will have success as well. It's just another great game for Sony's new portable; all new hardware can use great software!

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12 years ago

Cool. Next thing we know we'll have an MK hitting web browsers. Sort of like S-E's revealed mystery game, Crystal Conquest. It looks pretty aweosme, actually.

12 years ago

Finally! I wish it had been a bit earlier though, my birthday is April 12th. This is one of my most sought after games for my vita other than resistance.

12 years ago

Also ben when will you be doing that final vita system review?

12 years ago

this is exactly why i got the sh*ts when $ony announced vita is locked to 1 PSN account.
really want to get this but i cant buy it at retail because its banned, and its not worth risking a 10K fine for importing.
and i cant download it because the vitas locked to my AU account and it wont be on the AU store because its illegal to do so.
way to shove a pineapple up your loyal customers a$$ $ony!

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