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Ridge Racer Vita Dated, Free Gold Pass DLC For Early Adopters

We already have a few racers available for the PlayStation Vita, but it just doesn't feel like a new console launch without the iconic Ridge Racer .

The game is already out in Japan and racing aficionados in Western regions have been wondering when Namco Bandai will deliver the Vita iteration to store shelves. Well, as seen at the PlayStation Blog , we have a fixed date and price: March 13 in North America; $29.99 for the physical copy, and $24.99 for the digital download.

The best part is that if you plan to pick up a first-run copy, you will receive a free DLC pack (while supplies last), and it's available to purchasers of both the physical or digital copy. It's the Ridge Racer Gold Pass, and it "unlocks a wealth of extra DLC content completely for free." Here's what you get:


— Three additional courses: Old Central, Sunset Heights and Lost Ruins

— Two music tracks: NEW SONGS PACK 01

— One new extended music mix: LONG MIX BGM 01

When it comes to Ridge Racer , gamers can always expect a high-octane, drift-heavy arcade racing experience that induces grins and white knuckles. Here's hoping this portable effort qualifies as a must-have title for new Vita owners, 'cuz they deserve it.

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12 years ago

wait, its not out yet?
so that means we have actually gotten something BEFORE the states!
holy sh*t, the worlds going to end!!!!!!
….. well i guess there is a first time for everything…..

shame its a game that totally sucks donkey balls though!
only a few cars, and a few tracks, you can literally finish the game in 2 hours!
then fork out another 40+ bucks for overpriced useless DLC.
yea, no thanks!
if asphalt injection is a bad game, i cant wait to see what this gets!

12 years ago

Are there actually games that you like?

12 years ago

Considering how Ridge Racer Unbounded really departs from the ridge racer formula, if you want *real* Ridge Racer this year, this is gonna be your only option.

As it happens, it's been on the purchase list for a while. 🙂

11 years ago

I don't want to share my videos as to me that's time away from my gaming lol.

I have deactivated the Facebook thing on my PS3 as I don't all on my Facebook knowing what im doing. I don't even post a status on Facebook. Infact I am thinking of deactivating Facebook altogether. I don't want this in my gaming on my PS3 and PS4

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