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More Buy 2, Get 1 Free Vita Goodness Found At Amazon

Yesterday, we told you about GameStop's Vita game deal , where you can buy two Vita titles and get one free (from a set select list).

Well, now there are two ways to take advantage of that deal; the second involves shopping at Amazon . They appear to have more games available for this promotion, too; there are third-party titles available as well as first-party, which is great news for all new Vita owners.

For our part, we're working through all the Vita games we have to review, but we can most certainly recommend the following: Rayman Origins is beautiful, whimsical, charming and addictive, Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational is great for all fans of the franchise and offers a solid, entertaining experience, Wipeout 2048 is fast, fluid, and wonderfully captivating, and Uncharted: Golden Abyss is a fantastic adventure that is quintessentially Uncharted at its core.

Happy portable gaming!

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12 years ago

I wish they had this promotion when I bought my games last week!

12 years ago

I wish this promotion didn't happen yet!

I won't be able to get a vita till summer and college is out for the year.

12 years ago

and escape plan, thats one game i really cant wait to get looks awesome!
im getting more and more worried about the vita every day though.
went into EB today to pick up asuras wrath and binary domain, and i asked about the memory cards.
i was told EVERYTHING for the vita is on a preorder basis, IE there only ordering in how many items are preordered.
first Kmart, target and bigw get refused stock, and now this.
oh dear its not on to a good start, and its not even released yet!
sinking ship before its even built, bit of a worry!

12 years ago

Sadly, the sale came too late to help me. Plus i didn't see Ninja Gaiden on the list.

Still, it's a great sale and i wish that amazon would have more of these types of sales.

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