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Through the Woods

Norse Horror Game Through the Woods Coming to PS4 Soon

It seems there is a trend brewing with Norse mythology in games lately. Last year we had the stellar Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice tell a great story about mental instability with a Norse Mythological backdrop. This year God of War has Kratos venturing into the world of Norse gods. And I’m definitely not complaining. Norse mythos has a ton of potential for storytelling. Through the Woods looks to continue that trend by placing you in the forests of Norway armed with a flashlight and determination.

Through the Woods has you playing as a mother in the search for her kidnapped son. The forest in this game turns into a place of nightmares at night. She must navigate the woods and avoid the things in the dark. Part of what makes something scary is not knowing and Through the Woods looks to play with that concept.

The forest lives a different life at night, with mythological creatures roaming the woods, making every encounter potentially a deadly one. The biggest element of fear is the unknown. It seemingly materializes from the darkness. Unidentifiable sounds penetrate the silence and the occasional hint of movement may be spotted in the shadows.

The game is also narrative driven and the mother’s search for her son uncovers some secrets that may have been better left in the past. Through the Woods has already made a reputation for itself on Steam with positive reviews and has won some awards as well. If you like survival horror this might be something to keep an eye out for.

Through the Woods is set to release on PS4 on May 8th.

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