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The Division’s Blackout Global Event Is Now Underway

For the next six days, players of Ubisoft’s The Division can participate in the new Global Event, Blackout. We just recently took a Second Look at the game and concluded that it’s a great time to jump back in, especially now with the new running event. Blackout is a simple concept, that allows players to do massive shock damage to enemies and rogue agents, at the risk of putting themselves in danger. There are several tiers that up both the stakes and the rewards.


  • Always active: Agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. Shooting or running builds your Charge meter – the more Charge, the more damage you inflict.


  • Blackout behaviour, plus you can instantly kill enemies with Overcharged melee attacks, but if you miss you will stun yourself and your allies.


  • Extreme Blackout behaviour, plus your Charge meter will cool down faster when close to other group members.

Blackout tasks you with replaying previous missions on Hard or higher difficulty, and Challenging difficulty is where the real loot drops are. I played a bit tonight and it was rough, to say the least. Every attack you make charges a shock meter, allowing for increased damage to enemies, and melee attacks with fully charged meters can instantly kill enemies; however, if you swing and miss you’ll deal shock damage to  nearby allies. Additionally, overcharging your shock meter will also cause damage to yourself and fellow teammates. Your fellow agents can accidentally shock you if they’re not careful, and mine were… not careful. I spent a good bit of time out of cover and in a shock phase, open to enemy fire as my squad routinely swung for the fences and missed. It was only after I made pleas for safety and reasoned bursts of fire that things settled down and we were able to progress. Still, your mileage may vary, so enter these matchmaking sessions with caution.


When it worked, however, the rewards were great. Clearing out older missions on higher difficulties with the added XP multiplier of the global event led to some great loot. You’ll also earn Global Event (GE) credits that can unlock Classified gear, which allows you to equip stat bonuses much more powerful than regular set gear. You can also get your hands on exclusive Global Event masks if you meet some challenges. If you’re looking to jump back into The Division, and look better than ever doing it, now is the time.

While the game has seen a resurgence of late, it’s just now for the first time in months that the servers are overflowing, as Blackout has brought back many of those who left the game behind. Matchmaking has never been easier, and I never waited more than 20 seconds before getting grouped with other players.


Hop back into The Division this week if you fancy some great rewards!

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