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Battlefield 4 Battlelog Shows Off Multiple Platform Connectivity

Connectivity across multiple digital platforms is the wave of the near future.

As evidence of that, check out the new Battlelog trailer for the upcoming Battlefield 4 . Basically, BF4 can go wherever you go if you've got a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

That's because you can interact with the game via any of those platforms. You can change your loadout and even search for specific servers your friends are using. This can all be done remotely and any changes you make will be made in real-time in the game. So, when you return to your comfy armchair in the living room, any updates you made will have been completed. Even if you die and you're waiting to get back into the match, pick up your smartphone or tablet and change your loadout if you so choose.

These are the kinds of features I find a little unnecessary, and a tad creepy. But I'm sure others will enjoy the flexibility.

Thanks, Zak!