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Pox Nora is Coming to Playstation After 10 Years

It seems like a lot of games coming out for the Playstation lately have been coming over from the PC world. Many of these games joining our family have already been out for some time. That’s neither bad or good I suppose. I mean it’s cool to play games on my preferred system so there is that. All that aside, this game is coming out on our beloved systems over 10 years after it’s been on PC.

Yup, 10 years. Pox Nora was originally released on PC in 2006 and has gone through several free to play business model variations. They must be doing something right though, to still be around that long and still have so many people playing. We’ll be able to play the game on PS4 on May 23rd. There is word floating around about a Vita version as well but the signals are mixed so it’s unclear when or if it’s coming to Vita (sigh).

Pox Nora is a card collecting strategy game with a pretty cool artistic look. It reminds me of why I collected Magic the Gathering cards but hardly ever played, I always loved the artwork. You’ll also be able to play cross platform with PC players. And apparently there is a ton of depth to the gameplay.

The basic premise is pretty simple. Your goal is to destroy your opponents base (and protect your own) using runes (the cards in this game) and nora (the mana or magic in the game) to summon creatures and spells. You also want to take over what are called nora fonts on the map which allow you more room to summon.

As far as the runes go there are 8 different factions all with different playstyles and abilities. The factions are comprised of your typical fantasy creatures as well as some original Pox Nora creatures. Each faction has their strengths and weakness.

The cool thing about getting into a game that has been around this long is there are literally thousands of cards that have been released and that you can earn by playing. Speaking of finding cards, this is a game is free to play but the general consensus is that it is the good kind of free to play. You can play and collect without paying unlike some other games that end up being pay to win. Which is good. The pay options include variations of older cards and buying new decks. Although decks eventually become free when a new one comes out.

All in all it looks pretty good. The only 2 gripes I might have about it is that there are some issues with the transition from pc to console. Controls are a bit wonky and the text is pretty small. Hopefully they will fix this at some point. Diablo 3 is a port from PC and it’s an absolute blast to play on Playstation so I know it can be done.

The other thing I’m a bit worried about and, honestly, I don’t have much hope for, is the lack of news on a Vita version. Yet another game that would be really good on the Vita is looking to slip through the cracks. Again. There are signs that there is a Vita version but it’s never mentioned in the PS4 announcement of the game so who knows.

Either way I’m interested to check this out later on this month as it looks like it could be a pretty fun card collecting strategy game. Maybe some day I’ll be able to play it on the Vita too. You can learn more about the game and check out the PC version here .