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Blizzard Tapped Treyarch To Help With Overwatch Console Versions

Shooter experts should always be able to help.

Blizzard's next anticipated release is Overwatch , a fast-paced multiplayer-oriented shooter scheduled to launch this month.

It has a ton of promise, but perhaps that's partly because Blizzard tapped Call of Duty: Black Ops III developer Treyarch to assist on the console versions. In a recent GamesRadar interview with Overwatch assistant game director Aaron Keller, we find out that Treyarch helped out quite a bit and in fact, the collaboration didn't end there:

"We actually worked with some of the Treyarch guys to make sure our aim assist [on controllers] felt really good. They were really helpful. The funny thing is, we collaborate with a lot of different Activision studios.

When [the Destiny team] were building Destiny they wanted to talk to some of the people at World of Warcraft to see how they made some of their content. And we've gone to Treyarch a number of times and talked to them, whether it's about some of their guts of the engine features, or whether it's about tuning changes. And they've come out and looked at some of our stuff, too."

Keller added that Blizzard has worked hard to ensure that Overwatch is as similar as possible across all platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC). Obviously, though, due to "the nature of the platforms," smaller updates like bug fixes and such might be different. Not surprising.

Overwatch is slated to arrive on May 24.

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