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Rock Band 4 Gets Online Synchronous Multiplayer, Fall Add-On

If you're still enjoying Rock Band 4 , developer Harmonix has some great news for you.

As revealed during a PAX East panel over the weekend (via GameSpot ), the developer announced new features for the popular music game, along with the first big expansion.

Perhaps the most important new feature is synchronous online multiplayer, which fans have been clamoring for since the game's launch. This will be ready to roll this holiday season. Then comes the first paid expansion, set for the fall: It will boast music library improvements (such as the abilities to filter by genre and rate songs), along with more currently unannounced features. And those additions will be "huge," so said community boss Josh Harrison, though we don't have exact release or pricing details just yet.

For May, we get Battleborn DLC and a double kick feature, while we'll see a practice mode in June. The latter option – another oft-requested feature – will let you play through sections of a song they need to work on. You can even slow the speed down if you like. There will be no updates for the rest of the summer as Harmonix preps for the big autumn plans.

Here's the synchronous online multiplayer announcement:

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