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Action/RPG Stories: The Path Of Destinies Out Now On PS4

Want a traditional action/RPG fix with a modern-day "choice" twist?

As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Spearhead Games has delivered Stories: The Path of Destinies ; it's currently available on the PlayStation Store.

Featuring a "storybook aesthetic and fast-paced action," the developers put a strong emphasis on the branching narrative. Some of the questions they asked themselves during the creation process:

"What if we could make visiting alternative choices and outcomes part of the fun of the game and not something you only achieve by loading a checkpoint? What if exploring the multiple stories was just as fun as exploring levels and finding hidden treasures?"

Unsurprisingly, they turned to those old Choose Your Own Adventure books for inspiration, and incorporated similar elements in Stories . You will have to make some tough decisions during your epic quest and each choice will lead to a "unique ending and conclusion to the war." Plus, no single choice results in a previously known path, which creates over two dozen different narratives within this fictional universe. Protagonist Reynaldo will have to piece together information gained in each storyline, so there's more than enough incentive to play again and again!

This looks like a really intriguing and entertaining game. Might have to give it a shot.

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