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Rocketbirds 2: Evolution Coming Later This Month To PS4, Vita

Side-scrolling goodness!

Developer Ratloop Asia has announced that Rocketbirds 2: Evolution will land exclusively on PlayStation 4 and Vita on April 26.

They're proud to bring us new features, along with a full six-chapter Story Mode campaign and the brand new Rescue Mode. The latter is what they're calling a "meta-collection game," where up to four friends (online or locally) search for hidden items and artifacts while rescuing hostages in procedurally generated levels. As for the gameplay…well, actually, just watch the video below. The team made it specifically to show off Rescue Mode and it's well worth watching.

We'll also have over 40 unlockable weapons; everything from rifles and shotguns to pistols and melee weapons, and you can equip a primary and secondary weapon. The Thumper Gun, a weapon that launches bouncing grenades, sounds like oodles of fun, but obviously, we'll have plenty of options. This looks like one of those rainy-day games that'll put a smile on your face. You know, a quality pick-up-and-play title.