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Fallout 4 Survival Mode Patched, No Date Yet For Consoles

Survival Mode remains in beta on PC but rest assured, when it finally drops for consoles, it's gonna tax your skills to the limit.

Bethesda has released an update for the uber-challenging mode in Fallout 4 ; update 1.5.146 adds a new feature and offers several fixes and improvements.

This includes an alteration of the sleep cycle (taken down from 24-hour to 14-hour days), and there is a reduced chance of getting a disease. Plus, you don't have to eat as much or drink as much; however, to balance this out, Fusion cores now weigh more and your overall carrying capacity has fallen. If you want to peruse the full details, check 'em out in the Bethesda forums .

Survival Mode is supposed to be ready some time this month for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, though we have no concrete date yet. Just recently, the developers announced the second expansion, Wasteland Workshop , which is a follow-up to the previously released Automatron DLC .