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Star Wars: Battlefront Expansion Outer Rim Priced, Dated?

We learned a bit about the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront expansion last month, when EA dished out some baseline details for Outer Rim .

Now, though, we've got more info thanks to GameStop.

As spotted by GameZone , a listing for Outer Rim with fresh details has popped up on the retailer's website . As you can see, this includes a release date and price: $14.99 and April 5 for PlayStation 4. If you picked up the Season Pass for $50, bear in mind that Outer Rim won't cost you anything extra.

It's worthwhile noting that Outer Rim was originally slated to drop in March, so maybe we're looking at a minor delay…? Whenever the expansion does arrive, we'll get four new maps, two new hero characters (Greedo and Nien Nunb), new guns and Star Cards, and even a brand new mode. Tattooine and Sullust will get two fresh maps apiece (one includes Jabba's palace), and the new mode is called Extraction; players must snag a "valuable shipment of resources" and bring it back to the transport ship before the timer runs out.

Fans will undoubtedly appreciate any new content for Battlefront , though one of the actors in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has asked what lots of gamers have already asked: "Can we get a real single-player campaign, please?"