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Now You Can Be The A-Hole Cat and Knock Everything Over

As of March 22nd, you'll be able to see what it's like to be a cat and break everything in the house on your PS4. The game is called Catlateral Damage and you play as a cat, of which there are many different kinds to choose from. The point of the game is to knock everything off the shelves of procederally generated rooms causing as much damage as possible. Remember all those compilation videos of cats knocking things off of tables and shelves and the like? Now you can do that.

All the rooms are procedurally generated and you can also go to other locales including a supermarket, a log cabin, and a museum. All in a first person, er, first cat perspective. All while swiping all the things and chasing the laser.

You can already get the game on Steam and judging by some of the reviews, people are liking it. I'm not going to lie, it looks pretty entertaining. I'm wondering how long you can destroy things before it gets boring though. Of course this is coming from the guy that has put quite a few hours into Goat Simulator.

I'm looking forward to playing as a cat though. It looks like Fire Hose Games has a pretty entertaining game here. Especially with my kids. This is just thing that is entertaining for the whole family. Plus you get to play as a cat. How often does that happen? Read more about it here on the Playstation Blog and check out the probably over done but funny trailer for the game below.

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