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Rainbow Six Siege Patch Seeks To Clamp Down On Cheaters

Ubisoft wants to make this a "solid competitive experience" for everyone involved, so you should appreciate this massive update.

As revealed in the company's official forums , the full notes for patch 2.2 are now available for your viewing pleasure.

This patch is now available for PC and will show up tomorrow – March 2 – for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; these changes and improvements will make Rainbow Six Siege a smoother, more reliable game. Ubisoft wants to make everything better before the Pro League kicks off later this month, so they're looking to halt any cheating and other exploits. For example, players will have the option of a "Report" button, which lets you flag behavior you deem suspicious, and we get a kill cam for Ranked Matches, too. Said Ubisoft in a statement:

"We are aware that there is a certain widespread sentiment that high level ranked matches are often ruined by cheaters. We want to deter 'witch hunting' as much as possible. While there were legitimate design reasons to remove the kill cam from ranked, we cannot compromise on the quality of our game experience. For this reason, we are enabling the kill cam on ranked matches to remove this 'hiding spot' for cheaters."

Update 2.2. also makes a few playlist changes, including a new custom game setting: Infinite overtime rounds. To see all the alterations and fixes, click through the forum link above. Let's just hope this patch doesn't cause the same problems the last one did

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