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First Star Wars Battlefront Expansion Gets Early Details

In addition to a hefty new update , delivered yesterday, we now have a peek at an upcoming expansion.

Publisher Electronic Arts shared a piece of art for the Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim add-on; see it right here.

Outer Rim is the first paid expansion for the popular game that set a new digital record for EA , and it will bring us more maps, weapons, heroes, and an "all-new mode." We will travel to factories on Sullust and Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tattoine as well. Those are the only details we have right now, and we don't yet have a launch date but here's hoping Outer Rim shows up soon.

Furthermore, EA told fans they can expect more content in March , whether they plan to spring for Outer Rim or not. We're not sure if that content will include some of the rumored free content we heard about earlier, but it might…cross your fingers!

After Outer Rim, we'll get Bespin (summer), Death Star (fall) and an untitled expansion that will drop in early 2017.