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New Video for JRPG Edge of Eternity

If you’re a fan of jRPGs, you’re probably already keeping a close eye on the progress of the upcoming kickstarter funded game, Edge of Eternity .

But if this one has managed to evade your attention, now is a great time to learn more!

French studio, Midgar Studios has been hard at work to create a turn-based, Active Time Battle jRPG-inspired game set in a fantastical 3D-world with a large, open world to explore, lots of customizable weapons, and a story driven narrative dictated, in part, by the choices you decide to make.

The studio has released the latest "work in progress" video as of a few weeks ago, and although it’s unlisted, many backers have been good enough to share the excitement with the rest of us!

NPC – Work in progress