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Sword Coast Legends Brings Traditional D&D Goodness To PS4

Diablo and D&D lovers, pay attention.

The traditional dungeon-crawler that launched on PC last October is now coming to PlayStation 4. As announced over at the PlayStation Blog , Sword Coast Legends will land on Sony's console this spring for the price of $19.99.

Featuring "a veritable treasure trove of additional content," this new iteration is perfect for a group of D&D-lovin' buddies. Set in the classic franchise's Forgotten Realms, up to four players can partake in the old-school adventure. Not only can you venture forth with friends but you can also recruit party members from all over Faerûn. Those familiar with the lore will recognize various iconic creatures, spells, items and locations "plucked straight from the 5th edition core D&D books."

After the PC launch, the developers got lots of player feedback and made changes to the game based on those player comments. These improvements will come with the PS4 version; expect additional skill trees (including Necromancy), hardcore options, playable drow sub-race, new difficulty options and more. Plus, we get the community packs and the Rage of Demons DLC expansion for free!

So love these types of games. How about you?