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Rainbow Six Siege Patch 2.0 Causing Some Serious Issues

Doesn't it suck when updates that are supposed to make the game better have the opposite effect?

It seems Rainbow Six Siege players are experiencing a myriad of problems after downloading the latest 2.0 patch. It was supposed to deliver a bunch of improvements but unfortunately, it has also brought serious issues.

The complaints are piling up in both the game's subreddit and in the official forums . One of the more popular problems involves what gamers are calling the "Shadowman" because a new glitch makes some players appear like a black silhouette. You can't even tell which position that player is in when this happens, so aiming becomes a big problem. Then there are cases of collision detection screw-ups, like headshots failing to register and knife attacks dealing zilch damage.

The good news is that Ubisoft is aware of these issues and is currently working to resolve them. The timing for these problems is bad 'cuz players likely want to dive into the newly released Operation Black Ice expansion . It's yours if you picked up the Season Pass.

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8 years ago

The hit detection has been pretty bad with this game since launch, can't really say that's a new problem that has popped up due to the update.

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