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More Juicy Details For MLB 16: The Show

Baseball fans are hunkering down for the winter but before it really even starts to get warm, spring training will be upon us.

And then comes MLB 16: The Show , slated to launch exclusively for PlayStation 4 on March 29.

And as of yesterday, Sony is going to start showing off the game's "deep feature set" with a series of vlogs. As unveiled over at the PlayStation Blog , the first vlog dives into delicious detail and for even more info, you can always check out the game's official website .

Furthermore, they've announced the first livestream event for The Show , which will take place on February 4 at 2 p.m. PST; make sure to tune in if you get the chance . The good news for ardent followers of the franchise is that year-to-year saves will return this year, which means your progress from last year's effort will transfer over (a huge deal for the hardcore, I'm sure). You put a ton of time into MLB 15 and you don't want to leave it behind, right?

If you're totally convinced that you need this game, go right ahead and pre-order .