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Battlefront Free Content Includes Tatooine Map, New Costumes?

Publisher Electronic Arts hasn't officially confirmed all the extra content we'll see for Star Wars Battlefront but perhaps we already have an idea.

It seems future updates will include a new map set on Tatooine and fresh outfits for Luke and Leia. This according to a new video posted by EA Brasil (since removed) and translated by WCCF Tech .

The best part is that, if the translation is accurate, this content will be free; it's not part of the $50 Season Pass. We do know we're getting four expansion packs in 2016, which will offer the following:

Additionally, Reddit user Exsound says that EA Brasil video confirms Daily Challenges, Private Matches and special Community Events, all of which will be much-appreciated additions to the multiplayer shooter.

We said the game was a little thin when it launched , but that didn't stop it from selling 12-13 million copies in a very short span of time.