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Mortal Kombat XL Edition Announced, Is Packed With Content

It started when developer NetherRealm announced it on Twitter and now, publisher Warner Bros. has made it official.

A jam-packed special edition of last year's great fighter, Mortal Kombat X , is coming our way soon.

It's called the Mortal Kombat XL Edition and it features "all additional characters and skin packs" released thus far; that includes Kombat Pack 1, Kombat Pack 2, the Apocalypse Skin Pack, Brazil Skin Pack, Kold War Skin Pack, Kold War Scorpion Skin Pack and Samurai Skin Pack. This will launch on March 1 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in digital and physical format; there was no mention of a PC version.

And don't forget about the new beta test scheduled for next week. NetherRealm wants to improve the online play, so when the XL Edition arrives, fighting fans get the absolute best possible experience.

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8 years ago

F***ing called it! … This is why I didn't buy the game at launch.

8 years ago

This is why i didn't get the second kombat pack. A very dog move to announce this so shortly after other people would have paid foe the kombat pack 2. Really hoping this doesn't turn out like Street Fighter IV where there was 4 different versions.

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