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Far Cry Primal Contest Lets You Sleep In A Freezing Cave

Man, people will compete for a chance to win anything .

It makes sense to take a stab at owning your own island , but who wants to sleep in a freakin' cave?

Well, let's of people, probably: According to Eurogamer , Far Cry Primal publisher has launched a "Night in a Cave" promotion, which will allow you – and a friend – to spend one night in a dank cave located somewhere in France. The interesting part is that people actually pay 500€ per night to stay in it… Well, if you want to win, you have to reside somewhere in Europe (the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, or The Netherlands) and you simply enter by sending a Tweet to @FarCryPrimal with the hashtag "cavebnb."

You also need to include an explanation (via standard message, meme, or GIF) that tells the organizers why you want to sleep in a cave in the middle of winter. You should try to be as fun, creative and original as possible. Should you win, Ubisoft will fly you to the Pyrénées area (Ouzous) of France and give you a hotel room in Lourdes. Then you'll receive professional "survival training" before you stay in the cave and yeah, you might actually need that training. For full contest rules, click here .

Far Cry Primal launches on February 23 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on March 1 for PC.

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8 years ago

the best part about this will be signing the waiver form:

yes i agree to give up all my normal rights as a human being just to sleep in a cave instead and possibly get mauled to death by an animal, so no dont worry ubi, i wont sue you if i wake up in the morning intact.

8 years ago

A real Mancave for all you would-be Grizzly Adams

(BTW, R.I.P. Grizzy Adams,……..and David Bowie)

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