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New Mortal Kombat X Beta Scheduled To Begin Next Week

The game is still great but more improvements are coming to the increasingly popular online play.

Series creator Ed Boon said NetherRealm Studios is currently preparing a new beta test for the well-received 2015 fighter, Mortal Kombat X (via GameSpot ).

Community Manager Tyler Lansdown says this beta will boast "new and improved online play" by ditching the dynamic input latency model and favoring a model that "preserves the feel of an offline game more accurately while playing online and maintains a consistent input response." Yeah, it's all very technical but the bottom line is that you get to test out MKX again! Starting on Tuesday, January 19, you can sign up to participate . The only requirement is that you have spent at least an hour playing online thus far. And while not everyone will get in immediately, NetherRealm will add more testers over time.

This particular beta will only feature four characters: Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Johnny Cage and Jackie Briggs. More will be introduced as the test progresses, though. We don't yet know which platforms they're targeting for the beta or how long it will last, but we assume we'll have that info soon enough.

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8 years ago

I've been playing every night this week on the game.
The high quality offering is too good for me to ignore.
I finished the story mode and have been play testing a bunch of characters, trying to find one that feels right to me.
Hopefully the online stuff gets figured out soon. I never knew it had problems to begin with.

8 years ago

The juggling system keeps me coming back to online play.. Hoping this gets adjusted.

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