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Diablo III’s Latest Update Giving Some Console Players Fits

A big new update is supposed to deliver good things, not problems.

But unfortunately, it appears that some Diablo III console players are experiencing issues after installing the latest 2.4 update.

Issues include serious frame rate drops, button log, freezes, etc. One player outlined the problems he has faced in the game's forums , and other players soon echoed the complaints. And while Blizzard community manager Andrew Kauz said the developer hasn't been able to reproduce the issues on their end, they're at least looking into the issue. Later, associate community manager Brandy Camel suggested that the amount of remaining storage on the console might be the crux of the problem.

At any rate, they're trying to sort this out now so if you're having trouble, be patient. And don't forget that once everything is fixed, this update does give us a horde of additions and upgrades: