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GTAV Cell Number Triggers Explosion, But What’s It Mean?

Thought you knew about all the sweet cell phone cheats , didn't you?

Well, here's a new one and it has generated a lot of discussion.

In addition to using numbers to grab bonuses like slo-mo, flaming bullets and moon gravity , you can now dial a number on your cell in Grand Theft Auto V that creates a random explosion. Twitter user Karma Ingram found that by dialing 1-999-367-3767, a mid-air explosion is triggered and the appearance of your in-game phone changes. What any of this means, however, is anyone's guess…

People are trying to figure out if this seemingly random number has a connection to some other game event. There are some ideas in this Reddit thread but so far, nobody has stumbled upon anything concrete. We also don't know how long this number has been active in the game; i.e., if it was recently added or if it was there when the game first launched.

Give it a try.

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8 years ago

El Chapo.

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