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Woah…The World’s Coolest Jenga Puzzle In Just Cause 3

Hey, remember Jenga? You know, one of those games we used to play without a video screen?

Well, you can play it on a screen this time, and in the most unlikely place: Just Cause 3 .

A new video from YouTube user teamcream (as spotted by Game Informer ) shows how you can actually play the classic stacking game by using shipping crates, which you then pull out by using that super handy grappling hook. In order to take the removed "blocks" and return them to the top, the user tethered the crates to a helicopter and flew them up. Nifty, huh? Said the creator in the video's description:

"It took a long time to build, and much longer than expected to come down. It worked better than I anticipated."

As you might expect, this really was a lengthy and tedious process but at the end, we're all treated to the ultimate Jenga fail: When the entire structure is pulled over. Of course, as Just Cause 3 doesn't offer multiplayer of any kind, you could only play this massive and admittedly very slow version of Jenga locally by passing the controller back and forth.

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8 years ago

Somebody has way too much time on their hands.

Still cool though.

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