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Doom Devs: Rock ‘n’ Roll, He-Man Were Very Influential

Historically, Doom has always been creepy and gory. Crazy monsters, hellish environments, and big guns.

You can expect much of that when the reboot finally arrives this year (tentatively slated for Q2 2016), but you can expect something else, too:

Rock 'n' roll.

In a recent Game Informer interview , id Software creative director Hugo Martin said the new world for Doom is way over-the-top and in fact, rock 'n' roll was the team's inspiration for…well, "everything." He says "there is a lot of heavy metal in our hell, and that intentional," so the game might give off a hefty Brutal Legend vibe: Martin added:

"When you look at the original Doom, we always said it looks like the kind of stuff a 15-year-old would draw on the back of his notebook during math class. We really wanted the world to look like that–to have a personality that would shine through in everything we did. So we have a lot of skulls; it's kind of over-the-top. A little bit of Castle Grayskull in there; it's very He-Man."

Of course, you shouldn't anticipate much of a story; as Martin says, "it's not what people come to Doom for; they come to kill demons and blow sh** up in amazing ways." Even so, they've tossed in a bit of "mystery" and other fun things to keep us occupied while we're running amok.

You're going to see a lot about this game in the coming months because as Bethesda noted last year, the brand has lost its recognition factor over the years. A large portion of the game's intended audience may never have heard of it…as sad as that is.