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PS4 Has Become An “Embodiment Of What Sony Values”

PlayStation 4 continues to dominate this console generation, and Sony continues to be delighted with the system's performance.

Recently, the company revealed the PS4 had sold 5.7 million units during the holiday season , bringing the worldwide total to close to 36 million. And during Sony's CES briefing yesterday, CEO Kaz Hirai says PS4 has become a "benchmark" for the entire company.As cited by DualShockers :

"Sony's innovation has inspired the creativity of enthusiasts, gamers, developers, and publishers, who are devoted to the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4 is the embodiment of those things that we value as an organization: powerful technology, advancement ahead of the curve… PlayStation 4 has built a very passionate community."

Hirai says Sony is always in "constant contact" with the PlayStation community, in an ongoing effort to deliver "new, better, and more exciting gaming experiences." Well, there's no doubt that Sony listened when manufacturing the PS4; the system's launch was, in many ways, the polar opposite of the PS3's launch and the results are clear and overwhelmingly positive.

Just before the new year, Sony said to expect an "unprecedented rush" of PS4 games in 2016 , which will only bolster the console's position. This year should be fantastic for PlayStation fans!

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8 years ago

I am very pleased with the PS4. In fact, I rate this as favorite gaming console of all time.

8 years ago

Although the 360's Kinect did it first, I still like that I can just talk to my PS4's camera & let it do some of the functions for me(and the feature works fine, so far).

8 years ago

It is neat. I want to use it, but I think old habits die hard. I actually forgot about it until I was playing with the options recently.

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