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Street Fighter V: A Pair Of Special Editions For Japanese Fans

See? Japan still gets all the coolest stuff.

Capcom has revealed a couple special editions of the anticipated fighter, Street Fighter V , but they're only confirmed for Japan at this point.

Capcom's Japanese online store boasts the two packages (as spotted by EventHubs ): The first is the Valuable Edition (about $100) and the second is the Volcanic Edition (about $109). The former contains the following:

The Volcanic Edition includes all this, along with exclusive costumes for Ryu And Chun-Li and some additional Zeni. Both editions will be available on launch day in Japan, which is February 18. Street Fighter V arrives on February 16 in North America and Europe. Late last year, the developers revealed the final fighter for the hefty roster, Poisonous F.A.N.G.

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8 years ago

So only $10 bucks separate the valuable from the volcanic edition? I would like to know who was the smart person behind that decision.

Either way, I'll just get the regular edition regardless of which ones are offered in the states.

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