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Far Cry Primal Will Be Fittingly Brutal, So Says The ESRB

The early days of humanity weren't exactly all daisies and rainbows. The struggle for survival was undoubtedly very dark and even necessarily brutal.

And that brutality will be on vivid display in the upcoming Far Cry Primal , if the ESRB classification is any indication.

As you might expect, the game will be rated "M" for Mature (17+), so when it arrives next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, it might be a somewhat controversial title. Here's an idea of what to expect:

"One cutscene depicts a character being held in a fire while screaming; another depicts Takkar tapping a hole in another character’s skull as the man screams. Some scenes depict corpses in various states of mutilation: heads and torsos on spikes; ears cut off and kept as trophies; headless bodies lying in pools of blood. Certain scenes or camera angles can depict male genitalia under garments or in shadows; some female characters are depicted topless. A handful of scenes depict characters engaged in sexual activity while clothed; grunts and short moans can be heard, though no explicit details are seen."

Yeah, it was a rough time. If you're interested in the premise, be sure to check out our recent preview .

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8 years ago

I'm not feeling it.. Please make a FarCry in feudal Japan. Samurai and ninjas are always awesome.

8 years ago

I'm feeling it….

but I agree with you about making the next FC in Feudal Japan too.

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