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Online GTAV Weekend Event: The Rich Just Get Richer

After you've taken in the new "Star Wars" movie this weekend (and possibly the new Uncharted 4 trailer ), you should go home and play some GTA.

Earlier this week, Rockstar released The Executives and Other Criminals update for the online component of Grand Theft Auto V , which allowed the richest players to really go nuts with their money.

New super yachts was just the beginning; wealthy players could even hire other players as bodyguards! The latter would actually receive a regular salary. And now, to help kick things off in fine style, Rockstar has announced a special weekend event: You can earn twice as much money and RP by playing any of the Adversary modes, including the newly added Extraction, and you can earn double cash when participating in sea races.

Of course, all that extra money can go towards a wide variety of items, including weapons and ammo, and even gun engravings. And guess what? All of that is 50 percent off, and Docktease has a 25 percent discount on all their stuff, too! Yep, those with the cash will definitely benefit big time.

Oh, and you might be interested in a screenshot contest and giveaway; click through the link above to learn more.