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New Gameplay Trailer For Today’s Star Wars: Battlefront DLC

Star Wars: Battlefront is in full swing online and if you've been enjoying yourself thus far, you'll probably want to snag the first expansion.

The good news is that it drops today: Battle of Jakku is just about ready to go and EA has delivered a fresh gameplay trailer; see it below.

Battle of Jakku, the first piece of downloadable content for the multiplayer shooter, includes a new map and a brand new mode. Turning Point will support 40 players and should be an instant fan favorite. The most popular mode by far has been Assault Walker and that also offers 40-player fun; clearly, the bigger the battle, the more entertaining it can be!

Battlefront set a new digital record for the publisher but not everyone is impressed. Take Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley , for example.

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8 years ago

i feel like this game is the little engine that could….and i think it will eventually.

all the dlcs they mentioned coming out seems like itll make the game a little more fun/tolerable.

8 years ago

Lol "Assault Walker" I think you mean "Walker Assault". I'm thinking your probably not an active player, it's ok the game isn't for everyone.

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