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Guitar Hero Live Adds Judas Priest, System Of A Down, More

Ready to add more songs to your Guitar Hero Live experience?

Publisher Activision has revealed new songs , now available through a Premium Show and the online-oriented GHTV mode.

The new Premium Show focuses on the band Rival Sons and boasts footage captured during the game's launch event at the YouTube Space venue in Los Angeles. The live tracks featured at the time were "Keep On Swinging," "Pressure and Time," and "Electric Man." Plus, six fresh tracks are now part of the GHTV list:

I bet "Painkiller" will tax the sh** out of you. As a preview for what your fingers are in for, check out the music video . But anyway, if you're not thrilled with that selection, don't forget that Activision promised a grand total of 70 new Guitar Hero Live songs before 2015 is out, so stay tuned.

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