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Mass Effect: Andromeda Protagonist Named After Sally Ride?

We know Commander Shepard won't be returning for the new Mass Effect adventure.

And while BioWare has yet to reveal the new protagonist, the fans at the Mass Effect Reddit page believe they've stumbled upon the main character's name.

As originally cited by Eurogamer , one Reddit user (Benelioto) spotted a dog tag about 44 seconds into the recently released N7 Day 2015 trailer. Check it out below; as you can see, on the far left side of the screen, the dog tag appears to have the name "Ryder." …get it?

If you know your space history at all, you do get it. As Commander Shepard was named after the first American man in space, Alan Shepard, the first American woman in space was Sally Ride. Maybe it's just a coincidence but boy, it certainly seems plausible, doesn't it?

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