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Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Detailed

Ubisoft told us we'd be getting a Season Pass for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege but at the time, they didn't give us any details.

Now we've got them:

The Pass will go for $30 and it'll offer seven-day "exclusive" early access to new operators added to the game post-launch. If you spring for the Pass, you'll gain access to these special characters when they're released, without having to pay anything extra. You also get a permanent 5 percent boost to Renown (in-game currency), along with a one-time 600 R6 Credits payout.

Lastly, Season Pass subscribers receive an exclusive Porter weapon skin, five animal-themed weapon skins in the form of the Safari pack, and two additional challenges. As for those operators, they'll be delivered to the game via the four DLC expansions planned for 2016. The expansions will also include new maps, but all players get those for free .

After a brief delay, the Rainbow Six Siege recently went gold and is now set to release on December 1 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.