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Capcom Confirms Details Of Street Fighter V’s Second Beta

Ready to test out Street Fighter V again?

Capcom has announced the schedule for the anticipated fighter's second beta session. For the first time, the team will test the title's cross-platform functionality.

This beta will run between October 21 and October 25 and they go into some detail concerning exact server times and which characters will be available for sampling. As for the latter, it will begin on the 21st with Ken, Necalli, Vega and Rainbow Mika, and then the likes of Karin and Rashid will be unlocked later. Also, while PlayStation 4 players can start immediately tomorrow, PC players will have to wait until the 23rd to get in on the fun.

After the first beta crashed and burned , Capcom had to come back with stress tests and were then able to start again. Street Fighter V is slated to arrive in the spring for PS4 and PC.

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